The Irreducible Complexity of Wings Refutes Evolution

Evolutionists maintain that birds evolved from reptiles. However, there are a number of factors which refute this. One of these is the very different surface structures of the two groups.

Birds are covered in feathers, and reptiles with scales. These structures are very different to one another, and there exists not a single fossil specimen to support the claim that feathers evolved from scales. >>>

The Myth of Bird Evolution

Recently, a 140-million-year-old fossil called Shenzhouraptor sinensis was discovered in the Yixian region of China. According to the evolutionary paleontologist Ji Qiang, this fossil was a missing link between dinosaurs and birds. The fact is, however, that this fossil possesses features that clash with the evolutionists' claims about the origin of birds. Not just this fossil, but also the whole body of paleontological data on the subject is at odds with the evolutionary theory. "The evolution of birds", like other claims made by Darwinism, is no more scientific than a fairy tale. >>>
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